Nowadays, video marketing is a necessary form of content for any business that wants to be on the cutting edge. Video marketing can reach a larger audience and improve engagement with your customers more than other types of digital media. However, not every business knows how to make this type of content work best for them or their customers.

Video marketing is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and build your business. But it’s not as easy as opening up your laptop and pressing record: there are a few things you should know before you start filming.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to make video marketing easy and effective by focusing on your customers.

What is video marketing and how can it help your business?

Video marketing is the use of video content to promote a business or product. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a way to introduce a new product or service, to create a brand identity, to show off customer testimonials, or to generate leads and traffic.

Video marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach out to potential customers and promote your business. Videos are engaging and can help you connect with your target audience in a more personal way than traditional text-based content. And, as online video consumption continues to grow, using video marketing is becoming an increasingly important way to reach consumers.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

Some of the benefits of video marketing include:

  • Increased visibility and awareness: Videos have the potential to reach a much larger audience than text-based content. They also tend to be more “shareable”, which can help increase exposure for your business.
  • Greater engagement and with viewers: Videos create a more personal connection with viewers than traditional text-based content. This can help build trust and encourage viewers to take action, such as visiting your website or buying your product.
  • Greater ROI: Videos have been shown to be more effective at generating leads and traffic than other forms of marketing. And, since videos are relatively inexpensive to produce, they can be a cost-effective way to promote your business.

What types of videos should you create for your business?

The biggest mistake I see business owners make is to come up with videos that they think their audience will be interested in, but instead of selling them on a service or product.

This is often the case for “how-to” and “tips and tricks” videos, where a person records himself doing a task while he talks about it. This type of video has been done many times before – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! The problem here usually isn’t just that your information might not be useful enough, but more importantly: Who do you think is going to watch this? Your grandma? Probably not. And if she does, she won’t buy from you after watching this video anyway.

Don’t get me wrong: With the right approach, you can still make this type of video work for your business! But if it’s not something that genuinely interests your audience and offers them value, then it’ll be a lot harder to convince them to check out what you’re selling.

I know that some businesses start with “how-to” or informational videos first – which is a good idea if you have a huge fan base on YouTube, but it’s always better to start with content that clearly sells your product/service. Focus on videos where people are talking about how great your product is and why they should buy from you instead. This might feel counterintuitive as most advertisers do just the opposite: They tell their audience all the amazing things their product does and then try to sell it. But people don’t like being sold – they like feeling like there’s actually a real person talking to them and they want them to succeed.

There are a variety of types of videos that you can create for your business. The ones you create will ultimately depend on what you’re selling and who your target market is. However, some general types of videos that you could create include:

  • Product or service demonstrations
  • Testimonials from happy customers
  • How-to or tutorial videos
  • Answering customer questions
  • Entertaining videos that showcase your brand personality
  • Announcements about new products or services
  • Contests or sweepstakes
  • Customer feedback surveys

How to create videos that will be effective for your customers, including tips for scriptwriting, cameras, lighting, editing software, and more…

When creating a video, it’s important to keep your customer in mind. What type of video will they find the most useful or entertaining? The following are tips for creating videos that will be effective for your customers:

  • Script Writing: When writing a script, think about what your customer wants to know. Keep the information concise and easy to understand. Ask yourself if the information is something that customers will search for, and then provide the answer. Keep it to a couple of minutes. Include what you want your customer to do after watching the video.
  • Cameras: The best camera for shooting a video is one that you are comfortable using and that has good quality. If you are shooting a video for your business, you may want to consider using a DSLR camera.
  • Lighting: Make sure you have good lighting so your videos are clear and easy to see. Lighting doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to produce a quality video. Try different positions of your lighting to get the best picture possible.
  • Editing Software: Use editing software that is easy to use and produces high-quality videos. You could use anything from Adobe Premiere and After Effects to iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

Examples of successful businesses that use video marketing effectively


If you’re looking for an example of a brand that has utilized video marketing to perfection, look no further than GoPro. They are a company that makes cameras and accessories for action sports. As an example, they have awesome videos of people jumping out of planes with the GoPro attached to their helmets.

Their marketing is awesome, they know exactly who their target market is and how to reach them. They also do a good job of telling stories in a very emotional way. These are all key factors that help make a brand stand out.


3D printing is one of the most interesting technologies currently on the market. It has the potential to change how we make things and, in turn, could change the world as we know it today. It’s already having big effects but there’s a long way to go until it becomes

To help get more people interested in 3D printing, a company named Makerbot has started creating some amazing videos about the technology. In one of their most popular videos, they take a look at how 3D printing is being used to make prosthetic limbs for children in Africa.

The video is very well made and it does a great job at showing the potential of 3D printing. It’s not your average boring corporate video, it’s something that people will actually want to watch.

Common mistakes in creating videos that you should avoid when making videos yourself

There are a few common mistakes that people make when creating their own videos. Here are five of the most common ones to avoid:

  • Not using a tripod: This is one of the most common mistakes, and it can really ruin your video. Make sure to use a tripod to keep your camera still and produce a smooth video.
  • Not getting enough light: Another common mistake is not having enough light. Make sure to film in a well-lit area and use light if necessary.
  • Shaky footage: shaky footage can be very distracting and make your video look amateurish. Make sure to keep your camera still while filming.
  • Poor audio quality: Make sure to use good quality audio that matches the quality of your video. Filming in a well-lit area will help with this, but if necessary you can also invest in sound equipment.
  • Not taking enough time when filming: Don’t rush when making your videos or you might make mistakes. Plan out what you are going to say and film each scene carefully.

By avoiding these five common mistakes, you’ll be on your way to creating better videos that look and sound great.

Tips on using social media platforms like Facebook to promote your business with compelling videos

There are a few key things to remember when creating videos for social media platforms like Facebook:

  1. Keep your videos short and sweet – no one wants to watch a long, boring video. Try to keep them around 2 minutes or less.
  2. Make sure your videos are interesting and engaging – people will be more likely to watch them if they’re interesting.
  3. Use eye-catching visuals – videos with high-quality visuals are more likely to be viewed than those without.
  4. Promote your videos aggressively – make sure to share them on your Facebook page and post links to them in relevant groups and forums.
  5. Use a strong call to action – tell viewers what you want them to do (e.g. “click the link below to watch the full video” or “share this video with your friends”).
  6. Monitor your results and adjust your strategy as needed – keep track of how many people are watching your videos and adjust your strategy accordingly. If a video is getting a lot of views, create more like it. If not, think about how you can improve them and try again.

Our Second Thought

When thinking about making videos for your business, it’s important to consider why you’re doing it. Are you creating videos because it’s fun and engaging? Or are you creating videos because your customers want them? By focusing on your customer first, then deciding how to meet their needs with video content, the process will be much easier.

It is important to know what you need before beginning the process of making a video. You’ll need different equipment depending on what type of video you make (e.g. live-action vs animation), so think about what kind of film or presentation you want to make before choosing which equipment is right for you. Remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to making marketing videos for businesses.

If all of this sounds intimidating or if you want help enacting these principles, let us know. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you to create stellar videos for your business