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Having a strong company presence is essential in today’s business world. With the help of Second Studios, let us help you create digital solutions and corporate identities to engage and inspire your clients. Our mission is to harness our creativity into viable solutions that meet your business needs.

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Your Company Vision

Second Studios is a full service design company from Chicago. We create brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites and creative concepts for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Experience quality service and join our clients that have benefitted from our services.

Who Are We

Your Recipe for Success

Think of a website or corporate identity as an award-winning gourmet dish. Like a Michelin-star chef, our team utilizes a great deal of technique with our ingredients to develop digital and brand masterpieces. Our integrated services and technologies are your recipe for success.

Our Services

Brand Identity

Having cohesive design across your online and offline platforms allows you to ensure a clear and professional brand perception. This is vital when you are trying to maintain a perception of value within your company.

Website Development

Exceptional websites experiences are a blend of the right message and the right technology. Our interactive design approach focuses on usability, impact, and achieving results.

Digital Marketing

Keep a constant eye on current and upcoming trends, we discern what's new and meaningful in the rapidly-changing digital landscape. Through our custom digital marketing and social media services, we will aid your organizational goals in the digital space.

Marketing Strategy

We create actionable strategies that are agile, flexible and allow for real-time interactions. We are ready to use build great strategies for your brand.

Creative Services

We are a well-regarded agency that develops original ideas for our clients that draw attention to their audiences. Our work fosters meaningful consumer engagement high-quality designs and relevant content.


Creating fresh content for your website doesn't need to be a chore, and we can help your company with that. Whether it is creating copy for your new website, your blog posts or your email marketing, Second Studios can help you in drafting and publishing this content.